Oct 4, 2011

Fashion & Portrait photography

Since last week I started a fashion and portrait photography course given by Mathijs Wessing. From now on every assignment will be shown on my blog. What I learned from the first lesson is to shoot the pictures in 'Manual' and 'Raw'. Our assaignment for this week is to make pictures with black on black objects and white on white objects. I could say it wasn't easy, because it had to be done in the manual mode! On the first picture you can see my new boots from the Topshop. The second picture is my iPhone. Next week I'll keep you posted about my second assignment.

Xx Sana


  1. Wat gaaf dat je fotografielessen volgt. Die foto met de Iphone ziet er goed uit !

  2. hoi ... ik wil die schoenen doei

    interessant zo een cursus