Dec 19, 2010

X-mas dinner

Bubbles we received from Kim & Remco
Kim & Remco
Rhoda & Danny
Main course
Monchou pie
Doing crazy
From left to right:
Danny, Remco, Kim, Rhoda, Sander and I
I love this part of the year. Buying & receiving xmas presents, eating special dinners and spending more time with friends & family. A few days ago we organised a xmas dinner for friends. We cooked a three course meal at our place. The appetizer was carpaccio with cheese, salade, seeds and a balsamico dressing. For the main course we served mashed potatoes, lamb chops and stewed pears. For dessert I made a MonChou pie (cream cheese cake). This wouldn't be a x-mas dinner without presents. We bought different kind of presents and played the "xmas" game. That's a game you can only play with a dice and lots of presents. It was a successful evening!

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Xx Sana

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