Dec 5, 2010

Sint & Piet

Wearing my new sjawl from the H&M ;-)

Who the F... are Sint & Piet? Every year on the 5th of December it's a special day for the kids of the Netherlands. Today they recieved presents from Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet. Sinterklaas is kind of a similar character to Santa. Every year they come by boat from Spain and stay here till the 5th of December. Besides the presents, they also bring special candy with them like pepernoten and chocolate letters. 
I remember my first 5 December in the Netherlands I was like 5 years old and it was pretty odd to see an old man (Sint) and dark coloured people (Zwarte Pieten). I didn't understand why the Dutch people were celebrating this day with them. After a few years when I understood the Dutch language they explained to me that the national party was meant as a celebration of the birthday of Sinterklaas. Every year in December the Sint brings presents with him from Spain for the kids.
Because I have a little cousin of 2,5 years old now, we celebrated it today. We bought a present for our partners and for our little cousin Demi. We put all of the presents in a bag. Demi took them out and started to unpack the presents one by one. My present was a study book about concepts and I gave my boyfriend Sander a pair of leather gloves. Demi received a Baby Born doll and we gave her some clothes for it.

Here are pictures of some Zwarte Pieten I took about two weeks ago. I also wanted to show you my sweet little cousin Demi unpacking the presents. In the end you see me and Sander.

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