Nov 9, 2010

Museum by n8

Saturday the 6th of November was museum night in Amsterdam. All of the museums in Amsterdam were opened from 19:00 till 02:00. With one ticket you can visit all of them! I went to see the museum of bags and pursesfoamde balieVincent van Gogh museum and the Amsterdam Historical museum. I also visited two old canalhouses that were still furnished in the old dutch style from 1700 till about 1900. One of them was owned by the founders of the VOC, one of the first multinationals ever and the other one by two famous Amsterdam artcollectors. During the evening there was a nice atmosphere of beloved meseum people.

Good night!

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Xx Sana


  1. awesome photos! very cool :)

  2. These are such wonderful pics!

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  3. Nice pictures Sana! Cheers, Michael from SC